Back to School, Post-Lockdown

Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.comPhoto by Pixabay on Pexels.comThe 'new normal' Our back to school experience is joyful and yet it presents its own challenges. Our students were out of school from December at the start of the Winter Holiday until May, after four long months of learning and connecting through Zoom classes and … Continue reading Back to School, Post-Lockdown

Trying to Live the Learner Profile

My classroom and office 13 Weeks of Online Learning and Counting... We haven't been in school or seen our students 'in the flesh' since December. Our school combined our winter and Chinese New Year's holidays and then we didn't go back as scheduled on 3rd February. 13 weeks, of online learning and this has become … Continue reading Trying to Live the Learner Profile

The dilemma of the decimal point

This follows on from our inquiry into place value. The students had been talking about division and multiplication of decimals as being a simple issue of just having to move the decimal point. I wondered if after looking more conceptually at place value their thinking about this may change, or they may at least accept … Continue reading The dilemma of the decimal point

What is place value?

We have been thinking a lot about number recently. We watched the BBC documentary The Story of One. My students were fascinated and made some great connections with things they had already learned about and it is inspiring new inquiries into binary numbers and other things linked to it. I has inspired some great … Continue reading What is place value?